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Dairy products contain a large number of live bacteria of uniform composition. Everyday we work to satisfy our customers and offer them quality legal steroids. If benign already diffuse in packaging milk quantity tens of thousands of micro-organisms in 1 ml, in yogurt, for example, the number of germs of at least 100 million to 1 ml. In fact, lactic acid bacteria in such an amount could be grown only in the laboratory on special nutrient media. Eating milk products, we, in addition to nutrients, absorb a huge amount of microbial mass.

There are specific drugs to strengthen the human immune system. Do you see our new anabolic steroids catalog with reduced prices? They are prepared from the dried skins without damaging the body of bacteria. Being introduced in the body, such "bacterial fragments" can not do him any harm, but significantly stimulate the immune system, especially antimicrobial. All dairy products have a similar effect. They contain no harmful, but useful for the organism bacteria that like to "train" antibacterial immunity rights.

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In the world produced hundreds of different brands of milk products, but they are all combined into a few large groups unique to this type of product properties.

Yogurt differ from other types of products that are manufactured using pure cultures of lactic streptococci. Do not waste your money, buy legal steroids at special prices. Most often you can find in stores ordinary yogurt that is fat (3.2% fat), the normal fat content (2.5% fat) and low-fat (1% fat). A special kind of mechnikovskaya is yogurt, which is manufactured using two microorganisms: lactic streptococci and Bulgarian (acidophilus) sticks. From the usual sour mechnikovskaya it has a more pronounced antibacterial properties (due to the Lactobacillus acidophilus) and high content of vitamins (for the same reason). Kefir or, in other words, "Ukrainian yogurt" made from boiled milk with cream. Before lactic streptococci ferment milk, cream was added thereto and incubated at 95 ° C for at least 3 hours. Kefir has a very distinctive taste and is characterized by an increased amount of fat of 4% - 6% - 8% (depending on the type of product). Look at new items in our catalog of anabolic steroids. Another type of yogurt is varenets, which is prepared as of warm milk, but without the addition of cream. Therefore, he has usually an average (2.5%) fat.

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There is a whole group of "southern" sour, such as, for example, yoghurt . These curds are produced mainly in the Caucasus. Buy legal steroids in our store is real money saving. A distinctive feature of the southern sour - fermentation of milk is combined leaven, which contains at least three components: lactic streptococci, lactic wand and yeast culture.

This "polyvalence" southern yogurt gives them a very peculiar specificity.

It is impossible to prepare yogurt at home by "Samokvasov", providing an opportunity to turn sour milk from accidentally caught in it of bacteria. Theres a new discount prices for anabolic steroids. "Samokvasov" does not possess the useful properties of dairy products of factory manufacturing. Often he has a mucous consistency, not very pleasant taste and smell. But to produce a quality product at home is very easy! Suffice it to ferment pasteurized milk with some of the plant product and put in a few hours in a dark place.

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